Friday, July 18, 2014

Ab Buddy

Why am I so fucking shy?

There's this guy I've been eyeing at my gym for months now who's a total stud. Yet the second we lock eyes, my stomach drops like I'm plummeting down a rollercoaster and I look away instantaneously. Why is it so hard for me to stare back at him and smile, spark up a conversation and become friends?

He's so beautiful. Tall, fit but not too muscular and has a baseball player's stature. I'm way too attracted to this guy. I'm a pretty level-headed and rational dude--if I we're an outsider I would just tell myself to man up and talk to him. But clearly it's not that easy for me. His presence alone makes me nervous.

Occasionally we finish lifting at the same time and end up next to each other in the stretch area doing abs and he always pushes me to keep up with him. lol

The fact that I get excited to go to the gym in hopes that I'll see him there just reinforces I need to talk to this guy, regardless if he's gay or not. I'm sure he'd be a cool friend, considering we see each other about 5 nights a week.

Hopefully writing this down will give me some incentive to get over this issue and approach cute guys.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Free PJ

I got SO lucky!

I received a letter in the mail from Honda informing me that my car was eligible for a free paint job. FREE! Thank the Heavens because that's not cheap by any means and my car needed it, bad. The roof, sides and trunk were all pretty badly faded due to sun damage and it was on the verge of the rusty/piece of shit mobile look. Not cute.

Than to top it off, I just happened to ask about any other recalls they had and I got my broken sun visors replaced for free too! I should have bought a lotto ticket with all that good luck in the air. What a shame. I was without a car for exactly a week but it was totally worth the wait because my whip looks brand spankin' new!

Well, except for the headlights, so I went on YouTube and discovered the most ingenious way to clean them. Toothpaste. It was so simple and works great.

Check it out:

Moral of this story: Buy a lottery ticket when you're having an awesome day and no one reading this should have dirty headlights now.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The 4th of JuLIE

How was everyone's 4th of July??

My sister and I went to a friend's block party which turned out to be a fun time. We rolled up in style wearing matching tank tops that we picked up at Target before the partayy. We looked pretty cool if I do say so myself.

The block party had a decent turnout with about 40 people and a nice redneck vibe to it. I felt like I was back in Jacksonville at a frat party. There was corn hole, throw the Frisbee in the trashcan...which according to the internet is called kanjam, BBQ, people rocking beer drinking hats and overalls, a triple kegger and of course a slip-n-slide.

Yep, that's a keg on their neighbor's roof. Classy.

I figured the food options were going to be pretty slim for me, so I drank a fresh almond/pecan milkshake for protein and fat prior to the party and made a giant bowl of fresh fruit that I brought.

Luckily some storm clouds started rolling in later in the afternoon which cooled things off a bit because it was so stifling. Our friend Erika quoted it perfectly, "it's hotter than satan's ball sack out here!" Which I'd presume is pretty hot?

Luckily the storm only drizzled on us and once the sun had set, we watched their neighbor's $5,000 fire work collection to top off the night. Who wastes that much money on fireworks!? All for 90 minutes worth of entertainment. That's $55 exploding every minute to put that into perspective. They were beautiful but I couldn't help but think about the Independence so many people and animals don't have, even in America.

So many beautiful souls that will never experience the joy of freedom. Something that every creature should have the right to experience. It breaks my heart to know helpless, terrified animals are locked in cages; chained, tortured and killed in filthy slaughterhouses and factories. There is no celebration for these animals. For the animals who never see daylight. In pain, locked up like prisoners... in cages, abused, beaten helplessly awaiting death. No FREEDOM, no playing, no running, no laughing, no love. Just misery until they die and end up becoming the meat we squirt ketchup and mustard on while we dress up in red, white and blue.

We have a choice we can make. The choice to choose cruelty free food. Eat foods that vibrate with vitamins and nutrients, a vegan diet. "My body will not be a tomb for other creatures." Da Vinci

In that moment as I stared up into the sky and watched $5000 worth of fireworks light up the world around me, I almost started crying. I put my sunglasses on and started praying. I sure hope Jesus was with me in that moment answering my prayers.

Speaking of which, It was my mom's birthday on the 4th so I surprised her with a drawing of Jesus.

The original painting is titled Prince of Peace by Akiane Kramarik and the story behind it is pretty cool. In a nutshell, there was a little boy who died and was later revived. When he awoke, he told his family he went to Heaven and met Jesus. His parents showed him various pictures of Jesus, but every time the boy would tell them that the photo doesn't look exactly like him. It wasn't until his parents came across a painting that an eight-year-old prodigy named Akiane painted based on visions she has from Heaven. When his parents showed him a picture of the painting, the boy confirmed that was Jesus.

Let's make this world a better place. For every being. #GoVegan

Much Love.